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About Ian McGann

Contemporary Artist

McGann, hailing from the visually rich landscapes of Galway, Ireland, and now residing in Leuven, Belgium, seems to draw from a deep well of cultural and natural inspiration. His work is imbued with a sense of place, yet it transcends locality, speaking to a universal audience through the language of color and form.

The artist’s method of painting is reminiscent of action painting, where the act of painting itself is as important as the finished work. This approach brings an immediacy to his canvases, a feeling that you are witnessing the artistic process in motion, frozen in time yet brimming with potential energy.

In terms of technique, McGann appears unencumbered by the need for meticulous detail, instead opting for broad, confident strokes that give his subjects a sense of movement and life. It’s a technique that can be risky, as it leaves little room for error, but McGann executes it with aplomb, creating pieces that are both visually arresting and emotionally resonant.

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If you're considering acquiring an Ian McGann painting, you can initiate the process by reaching out to him through the contact details provided on the website. Keep in mind, shipping such artwork requires careful handling. Ian will personally collaborate with you to determine the best shipping approach.

Every painting comes with a certificate of authenticity for verification.

For direct communication, feel free to use the chat feature on the website to speak with Ian.

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