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About Ian McGann

Contemporary Artist

Ian McGann, originally from the scenic landscapes of Galway, Ireland, now lives in Leuven, Belgium. His work draws inspiration from his surroundings and speaks to people everywhere through vibrant colors and forms.

McGann’s painting style is energetic and dynamic, much like action painting, where the process is as important as the result. This gives his art a sense of movement and makes you feel like you’re watching the creation unfold.

Rather than focusing on tiny details, McGann uses broad, bold strokes to bring his subjects to life. This approach, though challenging, results in captivating and emotionally powerful pieces.

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If you're considering acquiring an Ian McGann painting, you can initiate the process by reaching out to him through the contact details provided on the website. Keep in mind, shipping such artwork requires careful handling. Ian will personally collaborate with you to determine the best shipping approach.

Every painting comes with a certificate of authenticity for verification.

For direct communication, feel free to use the chat feature on the website to speak with Ian.

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