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A moment in time

In the quiet dance of moments small,

The artist takes his stand.

With colors bright and canvas tall,

He embarks on a journey, grand.

Each stroke of brush, a tale to weave,

Of time both lost and found.

In the realm of art, where dreams conceive,

No ticking clock does sound.

Hours meld into a single breath,

As colors burst and blend.

In this space, there is no death,

No beginning, and no end.

Time, in flight, becomes a blur,

An echo in the night.

Yet, in the art, it leaves a stir,

A memory, burning bright.

Creating, the artist loses self,

In the rhythm of delight.

For in this dance with time itself,

Each moment takes its flight.

by Ian McGann

Instagram stories.

Time lapse: Welcome
Time lapse: Selected Work
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